Triple S Salud Pays A Record Fine Of $6.8 Million For HIPAA Violation

Infringement of HIPAA can convey substantial monetary punishments and the U.S. Branch of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights has as of now announced penalties of up to $1.9 million dollars for safety breaks. Be that as it may, Puerto Rican Insurer Triple S Salud uncovered yesterday that it has been hit with a record-breaking $6.8 million fine to breach HIPAA controls and uncovering the information of thousands of recipients of its Dual Eligible Medicare plan.

The Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration presented an 8-K recording after the revelation of the security rupture, with Triple S Salud being advised of its aims to apply a budgetary punishment for the HIPAA infringement prior this month. New authorizes will likewise be forced which need the safety provider to tell all people conceivably influenced by the rupture and furthermore educate them concerning their entitlement to leave the program. It should likewise suspend new enlistments to the Dual Eligible Medicare plan.

HIPAA infringement examined by the OCR has brought about money related punishments being declared to 14 organizations since 2009, despite the fact that the OCR has just issued one common budgetary punishment for a HIPPA Privacy Rule infringement to date; a $4.3 million settlement with Cignet Health Care in 2011. Different fines issued extended amongst £35K and $1.7 million.

On Sept 20, 2013, Triple S Salud disregarded the HIPAA Privacy Rule when a mailing was sent to around 70,000 Medicare Advantage recipients. Every recipient is distributed a different Medicare Health Insurance Claim Number. Triple S Salud revealed the contention to the relevant officials and issued a rupture warning via mail and through nearby media channels. Credit checking administrations were given to each influenced company to alleviate any harm or misfortune that came about because of the break. On account of Triple S, the fines were issued for revealing the PHI of 13,336 recipients, the vast majority of whom were people with low salaries and the elderly who fit the bill for help under Medicaid and Medicare.

It is comprehended that a fine of $500 will be issued for each of the 13,336 people influenced and notwithstanding this money related punishment Triple S will be required to pay an extra $100,000 fine because of a trouble in the examination.