TJ Samson Community Hospital Found 683 patients’ PHI retrieved by Unauthorized People

The PHI of 683 patients belonging to TJ Health Columbia Clinic and TJ Samson Community Hospital in Glasgow was accessed inappropriately. This incident was highlighted by one of the autonomous care provider who worked for TJ Samson Community. This theft was checked and unrelieved in the repetitive review of PHI logs on 25th August, 2017. The continuous investigation showed that there were two people in the healthcare provider’s office who stole the PHI of patients without undergoing the policies and rules.

It is a fact that autonomous health care provider have access to PHI of patient to perform daily routine tasks. While in this case, the PHI of those patients was accessed that were not treated by that particular healthcare provider. TJ Samson questioned both persons about having inappropriate access and it is now satisfied that there will be not any such activity in the future.

As a result of the incident, the TJ Samson ended up the individual’s access to the patient’s PHI. There is not any further information about the breach notice available on the official website. Although, the organization took many steps to prevent such steps in future. They also accessed and reviews the policies of the health care providers to work with organization. All the affected patients were notified for their theft using the email.

The information included in the email contains the name, demographic information, the medical information, insurance information and the social security numbers. The access of the information was rescheduled to 1st January 2017.  They were unable to get the financial information of the patients as it required the login details to access that.