MedTronic Awarded FDA Approval For Spine Surgey Planning Platform

Medtronic has recently announced that their spine analyzing planning platform has received FDA 501k clearance. The healthcare technology global leader reported the news on July 14 2022. The UNiD Spine Analyzer v4.0 planning platform includes an artificial intelligence powered algorithm called the Degen Algorithm which helps surgeons to design and personalize procedures for individuals undergoing lower lumbar spine surgery and anticipates spinal compensatory processes 6 months following surgery. In addition, the planning platform will include advancements in predicting spinal alterations in both children and adults. 

Degenerative spine disease is a common age-related condition that results in disabilities for individuals all around the world. Experts believe that approximately 40% of adults over the age of 40 have at least one degenerated spinal disc. The number increases to 80% by the age of 80. Medtronic seeks to reduce the impact of degenerative spinal disease via their planning platform.

The release of their platform will include the UNiD Hub patient centric platform that allows surgeons to record patients throughout the treatment process and to monitor the results of the data collected. Medtronic insists that implementing the UNiD Spine Analyzer is crucial to the surgical planning process of degenerative spine procedures. A recent study conducted by Leveque, Jean-Christophe A. has supported these claims, as roughly a third of patients suffering from degenerative disease have a hidden deformity.

“Patient by patient, our UNiD™ Lab engineers have learned from more than 10,000 spine surgery cases to deliver greater insights to surgeons that lead to better patient alignment,” said Dan Wolf, a Medtronic employee. “It is truly exciting to share that we have expanded our UNiD™ ASI technology to include hardware and software solutions dedicated to helping spine surgeons treat degenerative spinal pathologies, where the majority of spine surgery is performed.”

Medtronic believes that their technology will improve over time as their platform gathers more and more data. Medtronic have maintained their commitment to innovating treatment for all spinal diseases. Medtronic’s planning platform is the first and only predictive model for spinal surgery to be approved by the FDA.