Los Angeles Times Article Concluded In $275000 HIPAA Privacy Rule Fine

An article that is publicizing in LA epoch begins with a list of events that concluded in Shasta Regional Medical Center (SRMC) concurring to an adjustment of $275K violation of HIPAA privacy policy and standards. All the entities in privacy rules as well as employees and various business contacts from exposing health record of thousands of patients to illegal personnel. There is misgiving that rules are neither being adopted by HHS Office leads an inquiry and acceptance review.

The two senior leaders in Shasta Regional Medical Center talked to media and publicize the news about patient records which is a great violations proof. This would influence the patient privacy by disclosing all the details on media. The consent of patient must be taken before disclosing any kind of information about them. As media is a largest platform and larger number of individuals are indulged through it. Any kind of sensitive information regarding medical records and tracking ID must be liable to patient only. Shasta Regional Medical Center (SRMC) agrees to give a handsome amount of fine due to breaches of HIPAA policy. Furthermore Shasta Regional Medical Center is adopting stricter privacy rules and standards in order to avoid any kind of threat. Corrective action must be taken and risk must be reduced at its initial level. Proper training regarding HIPAA policy must be given to employees in order to safeguard the violation occur in patient’s record. There must be copies of patient’s record so that they cannot find any form of inconvenience. Leon Rodriguez said that proper rules regarding HIPAA must be adopted and senior level managers must coordinate all these rules to sub ordinates so that violations must be reduced. Patient information must be protected under HIPAA rules and entities must be checked correctly. These all rules of the Health Assurance Portability and Responsibility Act are beneficial and helpful to various organizations for privacy concerns. Patient must feel comfortable regarding their records that they are kept in secure source where no violation are there. Consent of patients must be take in Shasta Regional Medical Center which is highly important.