HIPAA Breach Experienced by Sunglo Home Health Services

On January 26, 2015, a laptop carrying Protected Health Information and Social Security numbers was stolen from the offices of Sunglo Home Health Services. While the quantity of influenced people was not reported, it was affirmed that PHI was saved in the laptop rendering this a HIPAA violation. As indicated by a KRGV News report, the presume shattered into a van that was stopped in the Sunglo auto stop, however as opposed to heading out he retreated and burst into Sunglo’s offices utilizing a fire quencher to crush a window. He took the computer and began his getaway.

Matthew de la Cruz, the suspect, was secured in the wake of being found on CCTV cameras running the van; nonetheless, none of the things taken in the violence, including the computer, been recuperated by law implementation officers. The suspect is presently in prison. There is a hazard to patients that their data could be utilized by offenders to confer corruption. The people influenced are scattered around the province. Given the idea of the administrations proffered by Sunglo home health administrations, a considerable lot of the social insurance supplier’s patients are crippled and along these lines are especially powerless making them particularly in danger.

For this situation, the laptop had not been removed from the building, so the apparent danger of a HIPAA infringement may have been thought to be low by the human services supplier. In any case, this occurrence serves as a suggestion to all HIPAA-secured elements that violations can definitely happen, and any versatile gear of significant worth that can be effortlessly sold on is probably going to take by criminals. Any robbery of gear containing decoded PHI is an automated HIPAA break.

The information put away on electronic gadgets is substantially more noteworthy incentive than that of the material itself and is profoundly alluring to criminals. Social insurance suppliers and holders of PHI must, in this way, execute vigorous controls to secure that information and guarantee that unapproved person is kept from reviewing private healthcare information.