Atrium Health Announces Telehealth Program For U.S. Schools

Atrium Health has announced ambitions to introduce telehealth services targeted at students enrolled in American schools. A 10 million dollar donation from the Bank of America has enabled the launch of the “Meaningful Medicine” initiative. The introduction of the program will initially involve 20 elementary schools, 10 middle and high schools based in Charlotte, North Carolina. The elementary schools will receive school-based virtual care, while telemental services will be offered to middle and highschools by Atrium Health.

Atrium Health, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, works with 70,000 individuals at approximately 1,500 facilities, including 40 hospitals. The non-profit healthcare organization, provides individualized patient care, extensive research, and educational programs to produce the best possible healthcare outcomes. The organization prioritizes reducing the costs associated with providing treatment to those without insurance, carrying out crucial research that benefits the community, and, if possible, financing Medicaid and Medicare.

Atrium Health will implement the ‘Meaningful Medicine’ program during the 2022-2923 academic year. The program will be monitored and evaluated by nurseries employed at each of the schools who will also handle any referrals suggested during the remote appointments. Atrium Health hopes to expand the program to 50 schools within three years of its launch. 

“By improving the wellbeing of our students across Charlotte, we are not only investing in their health, but in our collective future,” states Eugene A. Woods, Atrium Health’s president and CEO.. “These young girls and boys will be the future doctors and nurses that will serve the needs of our growing community in the decades to come – and Atrium Health is proud to help model for the nation how health systems, businesses, schools and public officials can work together to have a meaningful impact in historically underserved communities.”

The Meaningful Medicine program will also create virtual care sites in multiple YMCA locations including the Central Piedmont Community. The program will provide training to approximately 1,000 students for suicide prevention, higher quality employee development resources for graduates, and additional general aid to students and community members who suffer from health issues as a result of a lack of basic social needs such as shelter and food. 

“Affordable, accessible medical care is key to the health and well-being of our students,” added Hugh Hattabaugh, CMS’ interim superintendent. “The Meaningful Medicine program provides another option for parents to meet their children’s healthcare needs and keep them in the classroom where they can reach their highest academic potential.”