Alaska DHSS Revealed PHI Breach and Malware Infection

A virus named Trojan horse virus has been discovered on two devices that have been used by the Health and Social Services department. This virus access and steals the information stored on laptops. “HIPAA revealed of 500 plus individuals”, the statement was highlighted by Katie Marquette who is the communication director is Alaska DHSS. Currently, the right number of the people affected has not be discovered.

Complete analysis of the affected devices has been conducted that disclosed the attackers. According to the analysis, the trackers are present in Western area, may access the important and sensitive information like reports and documents about OCS (Office of Children’s Services). All these documents contains the detailed information about the files of family cases, the observations, medical diagnosis, personal information and other such information.

The breach investigation is still under process and the team of DHSS IT and Security is trying to find out the right number of people suffered from breach, whether the breach contained sensitive information or not? All the people who got affected due to breach will be contacted and notified. They will get the up to date information as the investigation procedure will continue. Initially, the team thought that the people who first contacted with OCS, were suffered.

Because of the possibility of misusing the data, all those people have been directed to save themselves for the frauds and the identity theft. Along with this, they should also review their profiles carefully.

Kaiser Permanente notified all the members for email instance

Kaiser Permanente is now alerting 600 members about privacy breach who are located in Riverside CA. According to Kaiser, the part of their sensitive information has been sent to incorrect recipient through email. Along with the email, there were also some attached documents like the names, the procedures performed and the numbers of medical records.

This instance happened on August 9, 2017 in which the privacy broke due to the error by employee while adding the email address. At the time, the owner of the recipient email address is unknown. Kaiser further analyzed that this incident was just an error, although the investigation is still under process to find out the possibilities of error.