45,000 Patients Potentially Affected by Cyberattack on Florida Heart Associates

Florida Heart Associates is informing 45,148 patients regarding one recent security breach that resulted in the compromise of their personal data and protected health information (PHI). The security breach was discovered some time in May 19, 2021, because of strange activity seen within selected networked computers.

Florida Heart Associates immediately took steps to manage the breach and protect personal data and launched an investigation to find out the nature and extent of the breach. Florida Heart Associates confirmed the breach of its computer system from May 9 to May 19, 2021.

Security systems were put in place before the breach which minimized the effect of the attack; nevertheless, it is probable that the attackers acquired access to servers on which patient data was saved. The attackers may have accessed all the information contained in the affected servers, which included names, member ID numbers, birth dates, Social Security numbers, and medical insurance data.

In a substitute breach notice, Florida Heart Associates stated that there is no information received that suggests the misuse of any data on the breached servers.

Florida Heart Associates stated that the breach investigation is continuing. The provider also took steps and will continue to do so to enhance the privacy and security of data. More safety measures will be applied. Policies and procedures are being analyzed and will be modified as needed. The Florida Heart Associates reported the breach as a ransomware attack to the Maine Attorney General.

Impacted persons are being urged to stay attentive and examine their credit reports, accounts statements, and explanation of benefits statements, and watch out for indications of fraud and identity theft.

Florida Heart Associates states that it understands how vital it is for clients to get continuous cardiac care services and will continue to provide regular services and care as quickly as possible. The provider also apologized for any trouble that may have resulted because of this event.